March 1, 2006

All the girls are sleeping and since I'm really tired I should be sleeping too. On the other hand the piece and quiet was a little too tempting, so I had to listen to some music before going to bed. So I've done a little searching and the first thing I came across was UK band The Electric Mainline. I love the way the band describe its music; "we make modern psych garage, experimental and noisy, drony indie rock". That kind of music sounds like this - I guess?
We Are Now [MP3]

Next stop Sweden. Where else do you go these days if you want to hear wonderful indie pop? Citylights is next in the incredible long line of virtually unknown (but still great) Swedish bands.
Put It Out [MP3]
Reset [MP3]

zzzzzzzzzzz - goodnight

oh well - before you go to bed listen to What We Know Inside [MP3] by The Ascent. A quiet and pretty way to end the day!

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