March 9, 2006

Cannot say that my calendar is packed with concert dates, but tomorrow I'm going to see Spleen United supported by Green Concorde. I guess it's needless to say that I'm pretty excited, because Goodspeed Into The Mainstream was one of my favorite albums of last year. Stream a few songs at Myspace.

Yesterday I ordered the following albums:
My Latest Novel: Wolves
Morning Runner: Wilderness Is Paradise Now
EPO-555: Mafia
Mads Langer: Attention Please
Actually I'm very much looking forward to all of them!

A new (and pretty cool) mix of The Mouse Is The Great Man by Anamia is available here [MP3]. Compare it to the original version [MP3].

Chris has started to update his blog more often, which is really great, because he (almost) always has something interesting to say!

The debut album Names, Dates & Places by Danish band Campsite finally arrived yesterday. The band follows nicely in the footsteps of bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs etc., but the band still has plenty of talent and nice tunes to be standing firmly on their own feet. Stream a couple of songs at Myspace.

A band I mentioned a while back is Made Of Buildings. The Previews At The Movies [MP3] remains a favorite and the band has now added an unmixed version of a new song called They Fall Upon You [MP3].

Download debut single Grow Young [MP3] by Swedish indie pop band Paperplane.

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Chris said...

Don't get used to it... I'm going on a holiday on Saturday 18th! :D

Writing my Morning Runner review right now and expect to upload it soon... stay tuned! :)