March 8, 2006


Every now and then it happens that you hear a song that creeps into to the back of your head and simply refuses to leave again. This is exactly what happened yesterday when I listened to Breakfast In NYC by Belfast duo Oppenheimer. The song, which will be released the 17th April as a limited double a-side single on Smalltown America, is as immediately charming and catchy as any pop song you will hear this year. Stream it at Myspace.

Soundvenue recommends Danish one man project A Kid Hereafter. I cannot really make my mind up on the music, though Boogiepunk [MP3] is not without charm. If you're a registered user at Soundvenue (it's free), you can download more songs here (check out that beard!).

I was going to write a little bit about upcoming UK band The Screening. However Peter beat me to it, so check out his post instead!

Danish electro pop band Volvoe is completely new to me, but apparently the band has existed since 1999. Travelling [MP3] is pretty good (NO, NO - it's not good, it's great!!!), so maybe it's time to give this band a closer look?

Danish alternative/indie/noise-rock trio Heartbreak Disco released their debut album in April last year, but better to find them late than never I guess? Reviews of the albums were lukewarm/mixed, but the songs I've heard are more than enough to add them to the ever growing list of bands that I really should explore further.
Trigger [MP3]
Ice Floes [MP3]
Lost Tornados [MP3]

I've use the term "charming" a few times today already, but I simply must re-use it when describing the music of Danes The Elephants. The band itself describes the music like this; "Take two guitars, bass and drums. Add charming boy-girl vocals, a subtle style of playing and some mouth organ and you have the Danish rock band The Elephants. Right now the group is out with the new EP Special Thing which contains a catchy mix of '60s pop, indie, alt. country and some old school rock'n roll." Probably couldn't be more accurate?
Ann [MP3]
Good Time [MP3]

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