March 20, 2006

A Few Songs From Today's Playlist:

Some are good and some of them are more "interesting" than actually good. I try not to post the bad ones, though you might disagree!

Arrive Alive - In My Mind All The Time [mp3] 9 minutes instrumental
The Brand - Photographs [mp3] Plain rock
Leander - Idaho [mp3]

The Sound Of Young America - 28th January [mp3]
Airport Factory - Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed [mp3]
Aaron Vail - Hearts Survive + Ain't It Great [mp3]
Transmission Low - Devils Parade + Death Begins To Call [mp3] Danish rock
tearsrunrings - Question And An Answer [mp3]
Convoj - My Timekeeping Heart + RAMJAC [mp3] These guys are pretty good!

and finally some Electro Pop/Rock from the UK
Scarlet Soho - Modern Radio + No Encore [mp3]

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merz said...

Like your blog and thanks for linking to me. Consider yourself linked too!