March 21, 2006

yada yada yada...

Poetry Girl [mp3] by Kind Of Girl disappeared from their Myspace profile yesterday, but now it's back again. Check the picture next to the player at the profile :-) And the song will be added to my Current Favorites again, because it is really great!

After finishing my post yesterday I listened a lot to Swedish indie (?) alternative rock band Convoj. So I thought it was a good idea to recommend the two great songs My Timekeeping Heart [mp3] and RAMJAC [mp3] one more time! A 5 track EP was released in April last year on Chalksounds.

Peter reminded me that I should check out melancholic London 4 piece Ray. Thank you Peter, because this music is very, very beautiful indeed!
Mountain Song [mp3]
Wherever You Go [mp3]
Blood & Gold [mp3]

Band of the week at is The Elephants. I mentioned the band in my post two weeks ago.
Autumn Hearts [mp3]
Fata Morgana [mp3]

Download Crosses [mp3] and Heartbeats [mp3] by Jose Gonzales from this profile. Not really sure if it is an "official" one.

It's really great to see the attention Figurines are receving these days. Hopefully this will open the eyes of the world for other great Danish bands!

More to come????

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