March 3, 2006

Finally it's Friday:

  • Chris has written a piece about his trip to London. As always this is good read. Chris, you really should update your blog more often. And check out some pictures from his trip here.
  • The Oxygen Ponies have put up two more songs on their a/v section. Don't Know Why [MP3] is my favorite of the new ones. Pretty and emotional as always!
  • I thought the album I had ordered by Campsite arrived yesterday, but when I opened the parcel I found an album by Hell Is For Heroes inside. I'm going to return the HIFH album asap. Listen to One Of Us [MP3] and you'll understand why!
  • The creativity of people when it comes to naming their bands never ceases to amaze me. Next in line with a highly original band name are psychedelic shoegazers A Cricket In Times Square. Careless [MP3] and Cult Favorite [MP3] are two fairly nice ones.
  • If you dare; check out the Danish album chart. What a joke! I guess you're right Peter. The German one sure isn't any better!
  • Beacon Street Radiants is a really nice indie pop band from Finland. Here are a few songs for your listening pleasure: Not OK [MP3]; See The Stars [MP3]; Come Back Home [MP3].
  • I received a mail this morning that the Anamia EP I ordered a while back has been shipped. I'm seriously looking forward to receiving it, because this is truly great stuff! And 10 years from now, when these guys are huge, I expect it to be a real collector's item ;-) Listen to The Mouse Is The Great Man [MP3] or some of the other songs here.
  • Swedish indie pop duo Tillmanns has released its debut EP. If the rest of the EP is as good as opening track Run [MP3] it might be worth a closer look? The band has previously been mentioned on the truly fabulous Indie MP3 blog, so no matter how much I'd like it to be, it's not my "find".
  • OK debut single The Warning Sign [MP3] from Danes Sparklin June is available for free at Myspace. Apparently for a limited time only!


Chris said...

Takk! ;)

I really would like to make more updates, but the time, the time... well, you know how it is. Hope it's getting better soon...

Parklife said...

Well the german charts aren't any better...:
Top 50

Anonymous said...

Hi. The video for the single "The warning sign" mentioned on these pages, can be viewed on the Sparklin June homepage now:

The mp3 is still free for download but only for a few more weeks I guess.

Keep up the good work!

Regards Holger