March 28, 2006

In The Blender

My list of Current Favorites has been updated and songs by Aaron Vail, Powderdust, The Rain Band, Elika, Martin Bernt, Midlake, Celluloide and Cocoon were added. A very mixed bag of songs!

Merz seems to be obsessed with (or at least a huge fan of) shoegaze and one of his recent recommendations is US band Bright Channel. Doesn't hurt to admit that this band is pretty good!
Airborne [mp3]
Disillusionist [mp3]

Thanks to Andy (former member of the great Autumn Thieves) I've learned about another totally amazing shoegaze inspired NY band called Soundpool. The music is described by the band as "sweet girlie vox saturated guitar sounds lush synth arrangements and a danceable driving rhythm section", which probably couldn't be more accurate.
Eurostar [mp3]
On High [mp3]
Walking On Air [mp3] great one
Millions&Billions&Trillions [mp3]

It's A Trap mentioned it yesterday and the band itself posted a bulletin at Myspace saying that it is no longer called Second Language, but should be known as Marching Band in the future. New song Letters [mp3] certainly proves that this Swedish duo still knows how to write catchy indie pop; New name or not!

Listen to/download great new song You & Me [mp3] by Vega4. Very catchy and a good bet is that this will show up on my Current Favorites list very soon!

Continuing my post on interesting French electro pop I kicked off the other day.....

Secret (OMD Cover) [mp3]
Killing Disco Machine [mp3]

Dare [mp3]
Just A Dream [mp3]

The above bands plus Celluloide are released on French label BOREDOMproduct.


mp3hugger said...

Glad the driving didn't out, that crash has produced a great soundclash. hmmm...

Parklife said...

I just love those Soundpool-songs! "Walking on air" is wonderful!

newstreamer said...

As to Vegas 4, I never had a chance to hear any of their music until now with your plug!

The only time I have heard of Vegas 4 is when the act colloborated with renown German DJ Paul van Dyk. The song was titled "Time of Our Lives".

merz said...

another awesome post and Soundpool is awesome, thanks Bro!

merz said...

hey forgot to say thanks for the shoutout and you have exposed me to a bunch of new shoegaze stuff that I knew nothing about.. I am in shoegaze heaven right now!

supergurg said...

thought i would like Soundpool, but im not sure if i do - thanks for the recommendation though :)

Gurg @ Marvellous Musical Melodies