March 29, 2006

Loveless Music Group

I had a pretty cool time last night listening to a string of unfamiliar artists and songs. In my search for new music I asked Andy (yep - him again) for a little guidance and he recommended The Daysleepers and in general the bands featured on the webpage Loveless Music Group.

What did I listen to? Here are some of the better ones I found thanks to LMG:

The Daysleepers - Mesmerize [mp3] shoegaze/dream-pop
The Spectacle Experiment - One More Day [mp3] psychedelic rock?
Panda Riot - Plateau [mp3] indie/shoegaze

And finally another really great shoegaze/dream-pop band
Airiel - Kiss Me Slowly + Firefly [mp3]

A few weeks back I hardly knew any French artists (Air and??), but the last couple of days have certainly changed that. Following my "flirt" with French electro pop I stumbled upon indie band Kim Novak yesterday. Cannot say that I'm all that excited about their choice of band name (not very creative - is it?), but since the music is absolutely brilliant, it is somehow easier accepting the name. Seems to be quite popular these days changing band names, so maybe Kim Novak will be next in line? :-)
Soul A While [mp3]
In The Mirror [mp3]
Female Friends [mp3]
If [mp3]

I really enjoyed reading this article Arctic Monkeys get cold shoulder in the States.

I bought Skeleton by Figurines in May last year. Back then it received lots of fine reviews, but most people probably thought that it would be yet another pretty good, but sadly overlooked album by a very talented Danish band. 10 months later things have changed quite a lot and earlier this month the album was released in Canada & USA. All major music blogs seem to have fallen in love with the band, because a quick search revealed that blogs like Each Note Secure, You Ain't No Picasso, My Old Kentucky Blog, Said The Gramophone, *Sixeyes, Motel de Moka, Fluxblog and 3hive have given the band some exposure. Hopefully all the attention means that the album will sell pretty well, though I'm somewhat afraid it won't.


Haligh said...

Thanks for these songs by Kim Novak, I didn't know him, although i'm french!
I can also name other bands like Tahiti 80, Ginger Ale, Vitalic, Phoenix, Daft Punk, The Film, Herman Düne, Hushpuppies, Stuck in the Sound, Syd Matters and Hopper who are all french too, and singing in english, and the first ones play electro pop, or electro (but don't know if you'll like!)

merz said...

Airiel is excellent and have learned a lot of new stuff, Daysleepers, Panda Riot fantastic adds to the Shoegaze arsenal!