March 6, 2006

Track a Tiger/Phonodrive

Today I'll be staring out the window with a tired look in my eyes, while listening to:

Track A Tiger - Woke Up Early The Day I Died
I found a promo copy of the debut album by US band Track A Tiger in my mailbox the other day. So far I've listened to it a few times and I'm really impressed. The songs are a pleasant and (at times) playful mix of indie, pop, folk rock, country etc. and though the more up-tempo songs like Glad To Be Scattered and Happy are standouts, none of the 9 tracks will leave you disappointed. The only complaint I can think of right now is that the album runs less than 33 minutes.
Glad To Be Scattered [MP3]
Sound As Ever [MP3]
Seashaken Heart [MP3]

Phonodrive - Music
A copy of Music by Germans Phonodrive arrived a while back, so I thought it was about time to give it a few spins. I mentioned the band and the album (Music is their second release) for the first time in my blog nearly 3 months ago, but apparently the band has faced a few problems getting someone to distribute the album. Quite odd, because as I wrote back then this band is far too good to be living in obscurity. The music is blend of more less everything we've heard before in the alternative rock genre, but the voice of Corinna Lieb surely helps the band to create their own sound. You could be harsh and say that a few songs shouldn't have made the album, but overall the album is definitely worth your time (and money)!
Think About [MP3]
Made For Me [MP3]
Daydream [MP3]
Suddenly [MP3]

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