April 25, 2006

80's Soundtrack

Getting lots of hits because of this post. Would be really cool if some of you checked out a few of the songs from my Current Favorites list on the right, because those songs are just as good as (or maybe even better than) the ones below!!!!

Yesterday I found the following songs at Myspace and I couldn't help thinking that they (don't laugh) would create a perfect soundtrack to "my" 80's and teenage years. Don't hold it against me, because I actually used to listen to these songs!

+ OMD - Enola Gay
Still an all-time favorite (song+artist).
+ Ultravox - The Voice
Used to listen to these guys a lot back then.
+ A Flock Of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song
A new remix, but still very, very good.
+ Tears For Fears - Working Hour
Those saxophones are (still) great.
+ Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better
That dude used to be my hero. I was a member of his fan club and I wanted my hair cut like his! Doh!
+ Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat
Sounded a lot better 20 years ago!
+ Yazoo - Situation
Wish they had released more than just two albums.
+ Erasure - A Little Respect
I'm impressed that these guys are still around, but they have never been close to matching The Innocents.
+ Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time
I'm serious! We used to dance to it at parties and I even bought the 7"!!!!
+ Killing Joke - Love Like Blood
Bizarre! How can you listen to Eddie Murphy when this is one of your favorite songs of all-time?
+ Thompson Twins - Doctor Doctor
See Bronski Beat though it's 22 years ago with this one.
+ Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Thought the song was so cool. I bought every 12" version I could get my hands on.
MARTIN - Found this one in the attic tonight:
1986 DE (ZYX; 5154) [2nd issue, orange title box on sleeve]
5:00 West End Girls (extended mix) [original extended edit]
5:10 Pet Shop Boys [extended version]


tWAMi said...

80's soundtrack..! Funny idea stytzer :-)
Talking about Erasure... I'm hearing them in Musikhuset (Aarhus) tonight. Hopefully they will play "A little respect"

Have a nice day

Parklife said...

A good collection - most of the songs were amongst my favourites at that time too! And "Enola gay" is still in my top 10 ever...

Crash Calloway said...

Lovely - I have a eighties compilation up at the moment too - plilas.blogspot

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these!
Say, in all the West End Girls 12"s you have, did you happen to pick up the original version, the one without the horns or female backing vocals?


Ashe said...

Eddie Murphy. Who doesn't like to party all the time?

ClefPalette said...

I'd love to hear the West End Girls that had the piano breakdown section. Have zero idea which version...

Royal_Flux said...

Yes Sir.... I Listened To It While Driving My Ferrari From The West Coast The Other Day.