April 1, 2006

April Fools Day

I think it's a quite stupid tradition, so you won't find any of that here.

Instead here's a trio of songs I'm looking forward to checking out. If you're quick you might beat me to it!

Convoj - Cultural Legacy [mp3] + Liberty City [mp3]
Firefox AK - Madame, Madame! [mp3]

Unfortunately none of the 3 songs blew me away as I had hoped they would. All of them are pretty nice, but not more than that.

Bought albums by Ambulance Ltd. and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah today.

Danish band Tosibb has been chosen as demo of the month by Gaffa. I've downloaded 3 songs by the band and all of them are quiet and very beautiful. It's difficult to describe the music, but the band itself uses the expression "soft midnight indie pop". So let's stick to that!
Appal [mp3]
Paralyse [mp3]
Green Dreams [mp3]

Check out brilliant French blog Absolut Noise dedicated to the Swedish music scene.

4 songs by UK band The Tamborines will end today's post. This is great and catchy indie pop/rock and each one of the songs is definitely worth a listen.
The Great Division [mp3]
Sally O'Gannon [mp3]
What Took You So Long [mp3] This one is fantastic!
Looking Glass House [mp3]


AbsNoise said...

Salut !

I don't know where you got those new Convoj songs but you made my day ! Tack so mycket !

Just two precisions :
- I'm French (nobody is perfect...) but my mp3blog Absolut Noise is written both in English and in French.

- It is ConvoJ and not ConvoY.

- I'm impressed by the number of unkown French bands in your blog! If you like Air, and Daft Punk, you have to listen to the great French artist named Sébastien Schuller.

merz said...

Like that Tosibb!