March 31, 2006

The Oxygen Ponies / Cinnober

It's a quiet Friday evening (all three girls are sleeping) and I'm listening to the wonderful and emotional Umbrellas In The Rain [mp3] by The Oxygen Ponies. Based on what I've heard until now, I'm suspecting that the album will be a beauty (listen to Truest Thing [mp3] and I hope you agree)! The album is produced by Don Piper, who has his own band a don piper situation. Listen to Roll Away [mp3] and I think it becomes quite obvious, why he was asked to produce!

I received a friend request from Danish band Cinnober earlier today. I quickly accepted the requested after I had listened to Fast Machine [mp3]. The second song available by the band called Dew Drops [mp3] is pretty nice too.

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merz said...

Man, another nice one, love Oxygen Ponies. Good spot!