April 16, 2006

Hockey Night

Multi-tasking (I know lots of women believe that men are incapable of doing that). Watching hockey on TV and listening to music (plus writing this post).

Swedish bands Existensminimum and Black Belt seem to be all over bloggerland these days (so this is really old news if you're a regular reader of music blogs). This morning I found links for a couple of songs by the bands in my mailbox, so I thought it would be OK to mention both bands, because these two songs are pretty good.
+ Existensminimum - Changing Lines
+ Black Belt - Hold On

A couple of months ago I recommended Danish indie pop band 1234. Now it's time again, because two new (and really good) songs are available as free downloads.
+ Judo Tommorow's A Long Time
+ Coltrane
and the "oldie"
+ Saddest

Before heading to bed....a couple of songs by shoegaze/alternative/experimental NY rock band Unlove.
+ If I Could
+ Flying To You

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Anonymous said...

who were you watching play?