April 15, 2006

One Proud Dad

Today I put on Sirenesangen by Gasolin' and started dancing to it with my nearly 4 year old daughter. Daddy was quite surprised (and unbelievable proud) when she began singing along! Surely she's not wasting her time learning some stupid children songs. Cool!

Yesterday I mentioned charming Swedish indie pop band Penny Century. This is definitely a highly recommendable band, so download the two songs posted yesterday and add these two as well:
+ To Bitter To Be Charming
+ Season Of Mists

Can you handle any more indie pop from Sweden? If yes; just read on! 6-piece Ironville is a bit more difficult to figure out/label and the songs aren't all that immediate. Still this band sounds both interesting and very promising, so give the band a try
+ Night Out
+ Don't You Wish The best of the four.
+ Waltz For Em
+ Räven

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