May 30, 2006


Sometimes it's difficult not to be amazed how easy it is to find great music on the web. Last night I did a 5 minutes search at Myspace for new Danish indie bands and quickly came across Bahnhof. Reading the following description obviously made me quite interested in what the band has to offer; "Musically Bahnhof is situated in the rock category, yet a new electronic dimension has been added which creates a new sound, where the 80ties collide with 2006 in a crash of noise, synth, vigour and melody." After listening to the 4 (very good) songs available, it becomes rather clear that Bahnhof pretty much (like several other bands these days) follows in the musical footsteps of bands like The Bravery, Editors, The Killers etc., which doesn't have to be a bad thing at all. And in this case it sure isn't, because the band has plenty of talent and songwriting skills, to be standing own their own feet. The band has been recording since 1999 and released a self-financed EP last year (I've just ordered a copy) called The 2005 Bahnhof EP. A few more demos have been recorded this year as well, and the band has signed a booking deal, so hopefully we will hear a lot more from these guys in the near future!
+ Tanktop Girl (fantastic song!)
+ The Eyes Of Ruby

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