May 30, 2006

Ruined By Martin - Update

Danish duo Ruined By Martin caught my attention last year, when the band was selected the demo of December in Danish magazine Gaffa. I quickly bought/downloaded all the songs I could find after streaming them once (they were that great) and obviously I crossed my fingers hoping that the media attention would lead to a record contract. However this wasn't the case (I don't really know this for a fact) and not much has been heard from the band since then (except for the Christmas "present" Burn The Sun). But today I received a most welcomed "update" email from one of the band members.
The duo is now a trio (a guitarist has joined the band) and has recently been busy recording a three track demo, which according to the band should be available from the webpage and Myspace very soon.
One new track called Perfect Sense has already been uploaded to Myspace as a free download (the band is not sure if the song will make it on the demo) and even though the song is described by the band as a bit more electronic than their previous work, it is still a damn nice and very catchy pop song.
Impatiently waiting for more...........
+ Perfect Sense
+ Burn The Sun

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