May 10, 2006


Tomorrow I'm going to Barcelona for a few days. Don't expect any updates today, because I'm f*cking busy!
+ I'm From Barcelona - We're From Barcelona (link "stolen from Absolut Noise)

Oh well. Can't help it. New 5 track EP from [ingenting] called Sommerdagboken (Swedish for The Summer Diary) has been released on Labrador (of course). Wonderful track Släpp In Solen (Let The Sunshine In) is available as free download. Seems like the summer has finally arrived!
+ Släpp In Solen

A new track from the forthcoming album by The Upper Room is available for download.
+ Girl


Chris said...

Baaaaarcelona!!!!!! [/Freddy Mercury]

Have a good time and lots of sunshine and cerveza!

Anonymous said...

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