May 18, 2006


Normally I shy away from songs sung in German, but yesterday Peter introduced me to German band TempEau and the song Mädchen aus Greifswald. The lyrics are strong with a serious political bite (on an extremely important topic), which combined with a very catchy melody gives us nothing but a fantastic song!
+ Mädchen aus Greifswald

This weekend Danish band Munich will begin recording their debut album. The only track available online, With Smiling Lips (originally recorded under the previous band name Munk), is an epic track nearly 8 minutes long, which reminds me a lot of the grand music of iLiKETRAiNS. Keep an eye on these guys!
+ With Smiling Lips

A couple of new releases from Future Appletree. The four songs available are pretty nice, but none of them have convinced me to pick up the albums.

The Multiple Cat - The Secret of the Secret of
+ I Like A Bridge
+ Canvassed and Spent

Chrash - Audio Feng Shui
+ Boxcars (A Long Line Of)
+ All Roads

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