May 19, 2006

Title - what title?

New demo called Madison by The Attorneys. Not bad at all!
+ Madison

Chris seems to be very high on Au4 and it's not difficult to understand, because this is a great epic sounding band!

A while back tWAMi recommended that I should listen to a Dutch instrumental/experimental band called We vs Death. Now I've finally found the time to give the band a serious listen and I'm pretty happy I did, because this band creates unique and quite interesting "landscapes" of sound. Earlier this month the band released their debut-album we too are concerned we are too concerned and 4 tracks of the album (plus several older tracks) can be downloaded for free from the band's webpage.
+ And How To Translate It
+ Thomas Corner And The Valley Houses
+ (Yes,) We Went To Novgorod
+ Mother And Father And Me

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