May 23, 2006

Cannot think of a title!...

I went to the cinema last night for the first time in more than a year to watch The Da Vinci Code. I have to add myself to the growing line of disappointed people, because the adaption of the novel is pretty (or rather - very) weak!!

Maybe I should seriously start thinking of introducing a weekly post called something like "tWAMi recommends"? Last week he recommended We vs Death and this week he has suggested that I should listen to experimental Norwegians The Low Frequency In Stereo and Danish indie act Cartridge. And of course everyone should listen to the brilliant music created by tWAMi himself!
+ The Low Frequency In Stereo - Axes
+ Cartridge - Tree Crowns
+ tWAMi - My Spanish Romance

Peter has written a really nice post in German on Flying Virgins/Late Night Venture.

Oscillating Brushhead has uploaded two new interesting (and rather good) tracks at Myspace. Impressively he switches from electronica to shoegaze.
+ Girl With A Gun
+ Aminosäuren From Outer Space (thanks for the correct title Peter :-))

Seattle band Shake Some Action! is the studio recording their debut (?) album and rough mixes of two songs are currently available for free download. The band plays really catchy guitar pop and list bands like The La's, The Stone Roses and The Zombies among their influences.
+ Complicated
+ I Can See Where This Is Going Now

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Parklife said...

It's called "Aminosäuren from outer space"! :-) (Actually he and I "developped" this name at the last Listening In...)