May 22, 2006

Late Night Venture

I mentioned Danish band Late Night Venture a few weeks back and today the band's self-titled album is released on Quartermain Records. The band was originally called Flying Virgins, but earlier this year the band decided to change the name to Late Night Venture. However the band did experience some success under the previous name, because downloads of the 2004 EP Lazy have exceeded a respectable 50,000. The tracks of the EP are still available as free downloads, and the 4 very good songs (clocking in at +26 minutes) are an intriguing/fascinating mix of alternative rock and epic dreampop, with the occasional indie twist, which obviously have made people compare the band to other ones like Mercury Rev, Placebo, Flaming Lips etc. So far I've searched in vain for the track list of the Late Night Venture album (I haven't bought a copy yet - but I certainly will), but (by reading a few reviews) it seems like that one or more of the older songs will re-appear on the new album (please correct me if I'm wrong), which should be more than enough to guarantee a really fine album.

+ Pay The Moon (from the new album)
+ Modesto (one more from the new album)
+ Clear Decay (demo version of a new song)
Lazy EP:
+ How To Devour A Butterfly
+ Tahoe Morning Diner (a new version is on the album)
+ Lazy Star (also on the album in a new version)
+ Evil Fender


Parklife said...

Hey, I just love these songs! "Lazy star" is fantastic! A great song for a grey day like today... :-)

Soeren said...

Thanks guys, was just surfing a bit around, and stumbled over this.

Yes the album, has some good old songs on it :-)

1. Condition Lost (pretty new, never released before in any way
2. So Far (also one of the new ones)
3. Pay The Moon (kind of a revival actually, but still very new)
4. Lazy Star (we made this song just after our previous album, and it has followed us a long time, but kind of different in the new arrangement on the album)
5. Heatherhill (our Daft Punk track.. you can hear it here heatherhill , heavy tweaking of voices going on there :-) )
6. Peace Fountains (new one)
7. After (Our western theme, actually a founder of a mood we've been working on lately even more)
8. Modesto (the brutal uptempo stuff: MODESTO )
9. Tahoe Morning Diner ( This is definately an old song, and was on our previous EP release, but on the album in a way more POP-happy way :-) )
10. Drift in a slipstream (a ripping tune)
11. One Night All Trees Blossom (the closedown goodnight song)

The album will be released in a couple of months in germany as well, and some other countries i have forgot atm...

Soeren, LNV