May 29, 2006

Catching Up

Today I'll be spending a little time going through some of the mails and "friend" requests I've received while I was away.

The second album by Tender Trap called 6 Billion People is released on matinée recordings this week. The two tracks available for download indicate that this could be a very nice indie/twee pop album and hearing the rest of it should be top priority!
+ Talking Backwards
+ 6 Billion People

A big thank you to Rodolfo (a reader from Peru - this blog is worldwide :-)), who recommends a few bands. Check out UK band Gledhill and the very good single Good Times Ahead, which (apparently) will be the summer anthem of Sky Sports.
+ Good Times Ahead

If you decide to call your music project Kaptajn Smart you really shouldn't be all that surprised if people believe that you have some kind of novelty thing going on. At least this was MY first impression, but once I listened to the music I quickly changed my mind, because this is really nice and very catchy electro pop.
+ Where's My Polka Dotted Girl?

I'm really surprised that Country Girl by Primal Scream is doing so well (no. 5 in the UK 75 singles chart). Not because the song is bad (it's not - it actually quite good), but simply because is has been available for free at Myspace for some time now.
+ Country Girl

Chris recommends a couple of songs by Moonbabies. The band has posted a total of 5 songs that didn't make the Orange Billboard!
+ In The Banshees (very good!)

Debut single Be My Light by Norwegians Asleep is a really catchy pop tune. Not unique or original in any way. Just very good!
+ Be My Light

Interesting article on Soundvenue. Seems like Red Hot Chili Peppers were a little too inspired by Tom Petty when the band wrote Dani California. Two mash up mixes are available. What do you think?

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