May 24, 2006

Last one for a while...

This afternoon me and the 3 girls will go to the beautiful Danish isle of Bornholm and we won't return until Sunday evening. No e-mails. No web access. So this will be the last post for 5 days!

Danish quartet Skywriter released the album Where Both Worlds Never Meet a couple of months ago, which I have to admit went completely unnoticed by me. However, yesterday the band sent me a "friend" request at Myspace and when I realized that four songs of the album are available for download; I decided to give the boys a listen. The music is quite dark alternative rock dominated by the highly noticeable vocal of the lead singer Jakob Dahn. Overall I'm pretty impressed and the songs have left me with a feeling that I really should explore this band further.
+ For Heavens Sake
+ Passengers

Did you remember to download the remix of This Time I mentioned last night? If not - hurry up and do so!

US shoegazers Panda Riot have posted a new demo called She Dares All Things. Less dark and a bit more uptempo than I expected. Still the guitars and the vocals are just right, making this track an absolutely thrilling experience!
+ She Dares All Things

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