May 5, 2006

Various stuff

Torr's two favorite singles of the week are Suzie by Boy Kill Boy and Black & White by The Upper Room. Stream Suzie here and watch the video for Black & White here. Have to agree. Both songs ARE very good!

I was (almost) prepared to bet my weekly allowance that Peter would add the brilliant Kate by Sambassadeur to his list of "Momentane lieblingssongs". And so he did :-)

Cord, one of Peter's DJ-colleagues, records music under the name Oscillating Brushhead and once you have listened to the two songs below, you cannot help thinking that he should spend a lot more time of this project. Peter introduced me to the music quite some time ago and My Favorite Dream was an instant favorite and should appeal to everyone who loves shoegaze. Room Service on the other hand is a more recent acquaintance, and though it's a lot different from the previous track by being a (somewhat electronica inspired) instrumental piece, it somehow manages to be equally brilliant!
+ Room service
+ My favourite dream

Earlier this week I received a Myspace friend request from US alternative rock band Tomorrows Son. 4 songs are available as free downloads from the band's profile, but especially the title track of the debut album Welcome To Today is very good.
+ Welcome To Today

These two songs will end today's post:
+ Flickerstick - Beautiful
+ Delays - Nearer The Heaven
+ Elbow - Leaders Of The Free World

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