May 5, 2006

It's a trap! reader's companion volume two

My copy of the album It's a trap! reader's companion volume two arrived in the mailbox this morning and after several listens my overall impression of it is very positive. The album contains 17 tracks by more or less well-known Scandinavian artists/bands and since several of those songs are previously unreleased, it's really difficult not to be impressed with the work Avi has done compiling the album. The songs are a nice mix of indie/alternative pop/rock tracks with the occasional electronica track popping in. But the biggest and most obvious strength of the album is that large majority of the songs (unfortunately not all of them) are very good and since the album cost $8 only (if you live in Europe), it should be very interesting hearing your excuses for not buying it! Avi asks the burning question: Who will the breakout acts from "Volume two" be? Hello Saferide and Moonbabies are two of my (sure) bets, though I agree that several of them are more than worthy!

Album samples:
+ Ricochets - Cold Outside
+ The First Miles - The Best One Around

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