May 4, 2006

What's in the bag today?

This is probably all over bloggerland already. A new (not very good) track by The Stills is available at Myspace. New album Without Feathers will be released on Tuesday May 9.
+ Destroyer

Adam from Canada (that's all I know) sent me a mail yesterday suggesting that I should check out the new versions of My Timekeeping Heart and RAMJAC on the Myspace page of Swedish band Convoj. And they are indeed different (and better) than the versions I posted previously, so thank you Adam for keeping me updated :-)
+ My Timekeeping Heart
+ Ramjac

Adam (yep - him again) also recommends Canadian alternative rock band Constantines. The band didn't make an immediate impact on me (the music is bit complex and takes a while getting used to), but the more I listen the better they get. So I have to agree with Adam that this is a talented and quite interesting band. Thanks again :-)
+ Soon Enough Really good!
+ Love In Fear
+ Arizona

The New York Fund (the band formerly known as The Cherryfalls) has uploaded two new (and pretty good) songs to Myspace. Grab the songs quickly, because according to the band they could very well be gone tomorrow.
+ Don't Amount To Much
+ Winnebago

Found via It's A Trap. A track from the new (excellent) Radio Dept. album Pet Grief is available for free download.
+ A Window
+ The worst taste in music this one has been available for some time....

Found via Indie MP3. New wonderful track from Sambassadeur. The song is from the EP Coastal Affairs released on Labrador.
+ Kate

Chris reviews last night's Mew concert.

Charlie Don't Surf says "thank you".

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merz said...

Constantines are awesome and one of their earlier one Shine A Light is the best in my opinion! Didn't realize the Cherryfalls change to The New York Fund... Thanks for the tunes bro!