May 8, 2006

While the sun is shining,

I'll be staying indoors, busy working and listening to these recent arrivals (a list of all new additions to my CD-collection in 2006):

Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops
Grab two album tracks here or listen to acoustic versions of three album tracks here. Two listens and I'm completely overwhelmed by how good this album is!

Built To Spill - You In Reverse
+ Conventional Widsom
+ Liar
Cannot add anything that hasn't been said already. Another great album!

Le Sport - Euro Deluxe Dance Party
+ It's not the end of the world
+ Tell No One About Tonight
+ Business Girls
On the back of the CD the band has written "This disc contains all the songs plus bonus tracks in mp3 format for easy sharing and listening with modern technology." That's the right attitude! No surprises on this album and the music is absolutely perfect for a Euro Deluxe Dance Party!

Sidste Ambulance - Og Hånden På Skulderen (EP)
+ Superhelt
+ Min Natsommerfugl
Hopefully they'll be releasing a full length album soon, because (as you may have noticed?) I really like this band!!

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