June 16, 2006

Another beautiful day!

The weather is fine again today. It's a bit windier than yesterday, but still very fine (unfortunately the weather forecast promises rain tomorrow, when I'm going to Vesterbro Festival). However it's not good enough to prevent me from watching a little World Cup Football/Soccer on the telly :-) Isn't it funny? I whine about having to stay indoors working, but don't mind staying indoors watching TV! Simply love it when I'm so wonderfully inconsequent!
+ Three Lions

Another band playing tomorrow at Vesterbro Festival is fine Danish acoustic folk quartet Hazey Jane. Obvious influences include Nick Drake and Bob Dylan. Another band has been added to the "must see" list!
+ Bad Wine
+ Hazey Life
+ Solitude

To "anonymous". No - before you mentioned them, I didn't know Skittish, so thanks a lot for recommending Million Gray. Very good indeed!
+ Million Gray

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Anonymous said...

Have you heard Skittish?
The song "Million gray" is very brilliant. this song remember the band INTERPOL.