June 6, 2006

Coldplay/The Hardest Part + A bit of this and that

I normally don't mention music videos in this blog, but I'm making an exception with the new one by Coldplay. My wife told me I should watch it and as the loyal husband I am, I did as I was told. And I'm glad I did, because it IS indeed quite remarkable. Watch it here.

A brand new (and pretty good) track by Danes Windermere called There's A Sun is available at Myspace. A new album will be out in September.
+ There's A Sun

She also told me a while ago that I should check out a band called The Feeling. Never did, but the other day Chris posted a few tracks. Check them out.
+ Sewn
+ Fill My Little World

Danish one-man electro pop project Kaptajn Smart has uploaded a new and rather catchy song.
+ Napoleon

Breaking The Ice by Mojave 3 is single of the year according to Torr. Not totally convinced, though it is pretty good!
+ Breaking The Ice

I’ve had the privilege to contribute one track and a few words to this awesome post on Shoegaze.

Visit Nothing But Green Lights - a new blog from the creator of Take Your Medicine.

Swedes Gentle Touch plays a FREE concert at Culture box in Copenhagen this Friday.

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