June 22, 2006

Fantastic News

I just received an e-mail with the following info:

Kind of girl will release the debut album in October this year.

Fantastic news indeed!

+ Poetry Boy (probably the 10th time I post it - but it really IS great!)


Kind of girlish indeed! said...

StyTz - you are Clint Eastwood on the web - or maybe bugsbunny or Speedy Gonzales, perhaps just StytZ in da DytZ!

Anonymous said...

very good notice form Kind of girl!!
THE CHARADE release new album "A real life drama": june 20th 2006.
THE CHARADE are a indie pop band from Stockholm, Sweden.The first album "The best is yet to come" is very good with songs as "Monday morning". The new album is very good too. The song "Dressed in yellow and blue" is a Swedish´s official song in world cup. Do you Know this band?

spanish reader said...

Do you know Mikkel Glasser?
He signed by the Spanish Record-label, but he is Danish.
His song "missed" is very good. You can visit his web and listen it:

Chris said...

Thanks for posting the news, so I don't have to do it! :)

Come to think of it... I'll probably do it anyway! The more the merrier!

Peter said...

..or maybe the Rossi on the web :-)

Kind of Girl - releases in october : good pieces of news for a fan

kog said...

yes Roosi #20 allways "ON-LINE" and strangely never off line or even off side and defenitely never off the blog but never bloggin the ball - and thank you for that