June 22, 2006

Myspace Music

It's time to take a look at some of the many Myspace "friend" requests and messages I've received the past few days.

Said The Shark
Duo from Copenhagen (the singer and songwriter Maya Saxell is actually Canadian). Quiet, emotional and beautiful.
+ Runaround
+ No Getting Over

Since November
Finnish one-man project writing songs about stars, satellites etc. Houston, Changing Manual is a brilliant and very catchy one.....
+ Houston, Changing Manual

US alternative rock band. Not groundbreaking, but not bad either.
+ Song For Staes

Joe DiVita
US guy creating down-tempo lounge music. Probably very nice if you need to chill-out. Not my "cup of tea" though.
+ Liquid Style

Danish band playing glam rock. Never really been a fan of this kind of music!
+ It's Not Me

There are still a few left to check out. Hopefully I'll find the time to give them a listen later today.

I'm seriously thinking of making this a weekly feature, because I seem to receive a steady flow of requests.

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