June 15, 2006

It's a beautiful day!

The sun is shining again (it took yesterday off) and I know for sure that before long it will be damn hot in here. So there is just about every reason to be depressed again. But I have plenty of new music to listen to (albums from Camera Obscura, Phoenix, Skywriter and I'm From Barcelona arrived yesterday as well as a couple of EP's by Bahnhof) and the first thing I see when I look out of the window is the Danish flag. A beautiful day indeed.

Danish band Neon Machine is in the studio recording their debut album and a couple of the new tracks indicate that they are getting inspiration from more or less every genre (indie, shoegaze etc.). The end result could easily be very interesting, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the album.
+ Bittersweet Kisses
+ On What Deserted Island With No Hope Of Rescue Is This?

Chris - enjoy the beer! :-D And it IS the Danish flag - no doubt!

German musicblog Schallgrenzen writes a few very nice words (in German) about this blog. Thank you Peter! Currently topping his personal chart is this very catchy one by Missent to Denmark (!).
+ You're In My Mind


Chris said...

For a momment, I thought it was the Swiss flag there... ;)

Anyway, I have the day off today, it's nice and warm, and the balcony is waiting for me with a cool beer! Just thought I let you know! :D

Anonymous said...

greetings from Missent to Denmark.
thanks for linking our song. if you want more, we have 3 EPs for download(free). the first longplayer is out in august.
bye bobbel

Peter said...

Pretty picture. I hope the weather is so beautifully in september. Same produce as every year, one week vacation in Denmark :-)