June 14, 2006

Du Pacque

Absolut Noise mentioned the band a few days ago and yesterday an anonymous reader (I have a suspicion who that might be) recommended Du Pacque. How many hints do I need? Not that many, so obviously I had to give this rather new Swedish band a listen. As it turns out this is one more band that flirts with lots of different genres and has an impressive list of influences. But (luckily) it also turns out that this is a highly talented band capable of writing very (I mean VERY) good songs. Four songs are available and each one of them should be given plenty of listens. Chaperon sounds like an interesting mix of Oasis and The Velvet Underground. Sing Us A Lovesong makes me think of The Cure 20 years ago. Wall Of Sound and We Are Combined should put smiles on the faces of shoegaze/dream-pop fans.
Not much info on the band can be found, but apparently Du Pacque has no record-contract and limited live experience. If justice prevails this will change very soon, because this band is far to great too be overlooked!!
+ Sing Us A Lovesong
+ We Are Combined
+ Chaperon
+ Wall Of Sound

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Anonymous said...

"Sing Us A Lovesong" is a total homage/rip of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - and fun for it