June 19, 2006

A little of this and a little bit of that!

I plan to write my thoughts on Vesterbro Festival tonight.

I mentioned Danish "Happy-Lo-Fi-Party-Indierockers" Charlie, Don't Surf a few months ago. Back then the songs weren't available as free downloads for very long, but when I checked their profile a couple of days ago, 3 songs were back up. This is great summer music, so grab the songs while they are there!
+ Bury Your Sadness (Always)
+ Friends of French Art
+ Breakthrough

One band that played Saturday evening was The Ondt and The Gracehopper, but we only arrived in time to hear the band perform one song. However that one sounded absolutely fabulous, so right now I'm very much questioning our decision to see The Alpine instead. I find it very difficult to describe the music, so these are the words of the band; "The music has settled in the area between the organic sound of acoustic instruments and the noise of electronic malfunction. Good when you're alone hugging your blanket, not that great for the dance floors..."
+ When We Dead Awaken
+ Year Of The Dog

Peter recommends Under Electric Light. Check them out!!!!

Blast - Peter beat me to it ;-) Listen to the new song by Du Pacque! First impression is very good!
+ Five Storey Houses


Peter said...

I put the songs om my player and hope the sun come back :-) at present it`s warm but rainy :-(

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw in TV ANGELS AND AIRWAVES´s video. It´s a new great band. Your song "The adventure" is very brilliant.
Somebody know this band????

Anonymous said...

Power swedish girl: SOAK THE SIN.
This new group have power!!!
good guitars.
the songs "Hands up" and "I Said no" is really good, and pretty girls!!!

Juanma said...

Soak the sin is really good!:)
The song -I said no- is featuring by Andy Rourke (The smiths,UK).

Mikkel Malmberg said...

Once again, thanks for mentioning us :)
Be sure to be at one of our planned gigs in Cph!

Mikkel // Charlie, don't surf