June 20, 2006

Kashmir at Myspace

Two profiles (this and this) at Myspace offer free downloads of songs by Kashmir. Songs from the band's 3 recent albums are all represented, so if you don't know this brilliant band already, consider this your big chance to become just a little familiar with one of Denmark's finest rock bands. At the time of the 1999 release The Good Life, Kashmir was repeatedly (and quite obviously if you listen to the album) compared to Radiohead, but on the following two albums the band successfully moved in different musical directions. Expectations were high prior to the release of No Balance Palace (produced by Tony Visconti) last year, but the band had absolutely no problems meeting those and the album finished second on my list of favorite albums of 2005.

The Good Life (1999)
+ Gorgeous
+ Graceland

Zitilites (2003)
+ Rocket Brothers
+ The Aftermath

No Balance Palace (2005)
+ She's Made Of Chalk
+ Kalifornia


Peter said...

I love the music and have everything of Kashmir. Zitilites is a small little better than No balance Palace. But without doubt, my absolute favorite song is "Surfing The Warm Industry". If i hear them, a old man must dancing :-)

Anonymous said...

very good songs of Kashmir. Yes!
Today sound in my car the new CD of
Asobi Seksu, with japanese voice.Really brilliant!!!
The song "Thursday" is a jewel of pop.