June 8, 2006


A new day has arrived and once again there is lots of new stuff in the mailbox and on Myspace. The creativity of bands and musicians out there just never cease to amaze me!!

Alcian Blue has made a mastered version of See You Shine available for download from the band's Myspace page. A few tracks from the forthcoming album can be streamed there as well.
+ See You Shine

Bordeaux (the new band of Andy of Autumn Thieves) has recorded a new song called Nameless and Misunderstood. Interesting and beautiful dream-pop, but streaming only.

US band The Demos sounds like a charming mix of The Strokes, The Libertines etc. and your (gran-) daddy's 50's and 60's records.
+ When I Look In The Mirror
+ I've Been Right Before

Another band playing at Vesterbro Festival is London based Danes New Lost World. Cannot really define their music, but this is another very interesting band that I'm definitely is going to see at the festival.
+ Rain

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