June 21, 2006

Panda Riot

Yesterday a 6 track demo by promising Philly 2 piece Panda Riot arrived in the mailbox and this morning I gave the songs a real close listen in the car ("Hits In The Car" *s*) on my way to work. The band is positioned in the shoegaze/dream-pop genre and it shouldn't take very long, before your understand why "the pandas" have been compared to the "legendary" My Bloody Valentine. The influence is quite obvious, so if you're a fan of the classic shoegaze sound, this most certainly is a band you should keep a very close eye on! The duo (trio if you add the drum machine) is currently working on a full length album, and if the demo is any indication of what to expect (the songs are damn great), it could easily end up being a fantastic one. Unfortunately no info is available on any release date (accordingly the record should be done by the end of July, and then sent to various labels hoping that one of them will release it), but check the webpage for news, shows (if you happen to live close to NY or Philly) etc.
+ She Dares All Things (it's been on my Current Favorites list for some time now!)
+ Plateau
+ The Jesus Demeanor

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