June 1, 2006


Today's post will be dedicated entirely to this wonderful musical genre.

I know I've posted all of these songs before, but since they are among my favorites, I guess it's OK to mention them one more time? So I guess this should be considered my small contribution to the constantly growing number of Shoegaze mixtapes that are being posted in various music blogs these days.

+ Elika - Acting For You
+ Airiel - Kiss Me Slowly
+ Palo Alto - Catalan
+ Francis 7 - Splitting In Two
+ My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
+ Malory - Take Me Down (Remix)
+ Oscillating Brushhead - My Favourite Dream
+ Starring Me - Carousel
+ Panda Riot - She Dares All Things
+ Experimental Aircraft - Symphony
+ Soundpool - On High
+ Lush - Kiss Chase + 500
+ Fathom 5 - Nothing Lasts

And a couple of very fine ones by Danes Windermere;
+ Trailer Park (just beautiful!)
+ You Have It All


afp763389 said...

:) i like to listen... take care

Anonymous said...

Excellent selection of tracks and quite a few I did not know!


Anonymous said...

Did you contribute the Merz's Shoegaze group blog post?