June 2, 2006

Busy Friday?

My favorite singer/songwriter Pete White is currently busy in the studio recording and yesterday two tracks were uploaded to his Myspace profile. If my ears don't fool me, both songs have been available in these versions before (please correct me if I'm wrong!). But if you didn't check out the songs the first time, it's definitely about time now!!!!! A single will be released later in the year on the C2i label. Very much looking forward to that one!
+ Just In Time
+ Hand Signals Demo (previously called Hold Your Hand)

Until reading this article yesterday I had never heard of Vesterbro Festival. But I've marked the calendar and will visit the festival on Saturday 17 June, where I plan to see Sidste Ambulance, The Alpine and The Holiday Show. Anyone else going?
+ Sidste Ambulance - Delt I To
+ The Alpine - Trigger (A.T.O.C. remix)
+ The Holiday Show - Snookerstar

Thanks (once again) to Spanish read José Antonio for recommending a truckload of bands. I'd probably be busy for hours if I should check out all of them. And I will check them out, but it might take a little while, before I've worked my way through all of them! One of the songs I did listen to yesterday was The Great Alternative Band by UK band Teen Anthems, which is a nice uptempo and catchy tune.
+ The Great Alternative Band
He also recommends Confusion by Spanish electronica band Cycle. Surprisingly it's not bad at all!
+ Confusion

The person running the Terry Hall myspace profile has received a lot of positive feedback thanks to the posting of Thinking Of You, so an extended version of Castles In The Air by The Colourfield has been uploaded as well.
+ Castles In The Air


Kelvin said...

Hello from a blogger down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog popped up. I have never seen so many "music things" listed in a side-bar. Are you interested in been a member of my music blog ? I would send you an email inviting you to be a member if you are interested.

Anonymous said...

terry hall was in the specials, fun boy three, colourfield, vegas, terry blair & anoutchka. he also collaborated with the lightning seeds, ian mcnabb & tricky(nearly god). he also has few solo albums notably home and laugh.