June 13, 2006

Still depressed :-(

The weather is even better today, and it's very difficult finding any motivation for working, when you know that it will be damn hot in here all day. In an attempt to ease the pain, I've forgotten all about any dresscodes and am wearing a pair of knickers. Anyone daring commenting on this will most certainly be in for a verbal abuse.

Oh well. Enough whining about the weather. Time to listen to some music and I'll get back later with a few songs.

I'm trying to cheer myself up a bit by listening to Danish (Copenhagen) rock band The New Brand. The band is currently "the talk of the town" (and band of the week at Mymusic.dk), because they have won a couple of music competitions the past two years. The band plays straightforward rock music, which has been described as "...an adequate mix of nicotine alcohol and wire...". Really interesting and the band definitely makes it less painful staying indoors.
+ Highly Addictive
+ Into The Daylight
+ With You (very good)
+ More songs

Two new songs are available from very productive German one-man project Oscillating Brushhead. Good stuff!
+ Intromental
+ Big Blue


bhlogiston said...

sounds nice - a little bit like so much band ad the moment. but nice. just now. ;)

Steph said...

Have you heard The Radio Dept?
I am kind of obsessing them at the moment and think you would like. Very airy but catchy songs. I found some online last week and really have been enjoying more and more upon listens..

Anonymous said...

Have you heard DU PACQUE?
Is a new swedish band. You have to listen the song "Sing us a lovesong" because is very good.
Is the number one in the top!!!!

Parklife said...

Hey - Du Pacque are really really great! Have to feature them in my blog too. :-)