July 31, 2006

Danish Mixtape

Yesterday I created a mixtape (compilation CD that is), containing some of the best songs I've posted in 2006 by Danish artists. (I've probably forgotten quite a few, so please don't flame me!) All of them have been featured in this blog at least once, so I won't add anything further, except that you should grab the songs, because all of them are great, free and legal!!!

+ Volvoe - Travelling
+ The Holiday Show - Snookerstar
+ Port Largo - Breakdown Into Fiction
+ The Lukewarm - BlackRoom
+ Kind Of Girl - Poetry Boy
+ Bahnhof - Tanktop Girl
+ The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Do Your Sister
+ Flying Virgins - Evil Fender
+ Windermere - Trailer Park
+ Dúné - Go Go Valentina
+ Anamia - Butterfly In Paris
+ Green Concorde - This Time (Remix by tWAMi)
+ Madrigal - Entitled To
+ 1234 - Saddest
+ Hazey Jane - Bad Wine
+ The Ondt And The Gracehopper - When We Dead Awaken
+ tWAMi - My Spanish Romance


Anonymous said...

You forget MOI CAPRICE. "My girl you blush" is a very good song!!!

Parklife said...

Yeah, and Mew, The Raveonettes, Spleen United and Kashmir are missing too, but I guess the tape is all about Danish artists with free songs Morten mentioned in the past six months. So Moi Caprice can't b included here. :-)

stytzer said...

My Girl You Blush can actually be downloaded for free at the band's Myspace profile. But (as always) I wanted to put the focus on lesser known Danish artists. And Peter you're right! The songs must have been made available for free by the artists.

Chris said...

and where is Cinnober? ;)

Mikkel Malmberg said...

Sadly, you forgot us :)

Well, it's a pretty neat list anyway - remember to catch 1234 and us, Charlie, don't surf, at Lades Kælder tuesday 8th of august.

Mikkel, Charlie, don't surf!

tWAMi said...

Thanx for entries on the mixtape list stytzer :-) Lots of good music on those lists that's for sure.

New Anamia materiel ready in september!