August 1, 2006

Danish Mixtape - Part II

Reading from the comments it sure looks as if I forgot several bands in my Danish mixtape yesterday. So I've decided that the only right thing to do is to post another mixtape, to make up for the errors in the past! So here we go one more time and once again the songs are very good, free and legal!!!!
On a completely different note, someone also complained that the beautiful island of Bornholm was nowhere to be found on the map of Denmark I posted yesterday. I'm terrible sorry about that and hopefully today's picture will ease the pain just a tiny bit?

+ Moi Caprice - My Girl You Blush
+ Ruined By Martin - Perfect Sense
+ Veto - You Are A Knife
+ Leisure Alaska - Return Of The Power
+ The New Brand - With You
+ Cinnober - Fast Machine
+ Powderdust - Bet You 2
+ Munich - With Smiling Lips
+ Mavis - Point Of No Concern
+ Charlie Don't Surf - Breakthrough
+ Late Night Venture - Pay The Moon
+ The Elephants - Autumn Hearts
+ Girls! - No More Fooling Around
+ Skywriter - For Heaven's Sake
+ Salem - I Love The Avenue
+ Ehlers/Thejsen - Art Of Loneliness


Anonymous said...

Very good danish bands!!!
I think that your forget THE NIGHT because the song "Embrace me" is brilliant.

Political.Asylum said...

The Sarcastic Idiocy Forum fully endorses Gary Glitter as the next ruler of a free and democratic Cuba!

isi said...

for all munk lovers

Munk takes Berlin by storm ...
A volte mi sono annoiata...