July 14, 2006

Forgot writing a title - now it's got one, though it's not really a title.....

This is the view from my desk at work (I know the photo is really bad, but this is really the best my phone can do). Please notice the Anamia poster right there in the middle. I told my wife that we should find a real nice spot for it in the living room, but for some reason she never got back to me on that one....! Now it's hanging in my office instead and hopefully it will inspire a few of my colleagues to check out the band!
+ ... but wasn't it so back then

One of my few regular readers (José Antonio from Spain) is doing his best to convince me that Nightmare Of You is a terrific band. Now that I've (finally) listened to the band I have to admit that these guys aren't bad at all.
+ My Name Is Trouble

I took a stroll around Myspace this morning searching for new Danish bands and as usual it didn't take long before I found something that caught my attention. Placenta is a quartet based in Jutland and the band describes their music as powerpop with lots of vocal harmonies. A few classic artists are listed as the band's main influences (e.g. The Moody Blues, The Smiths, Depeche Mode) and the music does indeed sound like it has been heavily inspired by some of those bands. So this is not highly original, but definitely not a rip off either. Just charming and catchy!
+ Brittle Eyes
+ I Never Denied My Weaknesses

Peter over at Coast Is Clear ranks the album Reprint by Hungarians Amber Smith as his favorite one of 2006. I haven't bought a copy of the album even though every song I've heard from the album is very good. Time for that to change I guess?
+ Hello Sun
+ Holograms (Stonecastle remix)

The Danish Album Chart is a surprisingly interesting read this week. Muse enters the chart at no. 5. Raconteurs move up 45 spots and Broken Boy Soldiers is now at no. 16. Pink Floyd The Wall is the 19th best selling album and the debut albums by VETO and Spleen United re-enter the Top 40. Several other bands make remarkable re-appearances in the Top 40, but I assume this has something to do with them performing at the Roskilde Festival?


Chris said...

DEFINITELY time to change that... I'm sure RePrint will show up on my best-of-2006-list as well! ;)

Queen of Sheba said...

My Undertow Orchestra poster has pride of place in my room--thankfully I don't have to convince anybody else on that score!