July 13, 2006

Over a cup of coffee!

It's Thursday! I love Thursdays......I know I've mentioned it before, but I cannot help it. I just love them!

I played a few Pink Floyd songs for my youngest daughter (she's 9 months old now) last night. She really seemed to be enjoying the songs or maybe she simply thought it was hilarious watching daddy making his David Gilmour impersonation?

tWAMi posted a comment yesterday stating that City Of Delusion is the best track of the new Muse album. Hmmm - is this your new "Spanish Romance"? ;-)
+ My Spanish Romance
+ Check his webpage for more (lots more) instrumental goodies.
+ City Of Delusion

Danish band Turbulenze plays quite catchy rock music. Never heard of this band before, but apparently Someday has received some airplay on national radio.
+ Someday

There are still lots of bands sending me "friend" requests at Myspace and (as usual/ unfortunately) most of the bands aren't really that good. But today I checked out an older request from UK/French artist RobinFoster and the excellent track The Beach. When stuff like this comes your way it suddenly makes listening to all the bad music worth while.
+ The Beach

It's probably not a new track at all, but I just found this nice one by Francis 7 which is completely new to me. As always I recommend that you listen to the fantastic Splitting In Two as well!
+ She Doesn't Know Why
+ Splitting In Two

Peter over at Schallgrenzen is high on Irish rockers Suddyn. I'm not blown away, but it's not bad either!
+ Throwing Shapes

Peter (Coast Is Clear) wrote a post on LA duo The Submarines the other day. Definitely a band you should check out!

Chris posted the new song by The New York Fund yesterday. I was considering doing the same, but I'm not all that excited about it. However I do love young ambitious bands, so I'll post it nonetheless.
+ The Guns Of Camden

I'm constantly waiting for Michael Rasmussen (the only Dane in the race) to attack on today's stage in Tour De France, but nothing seems to be happening. Boooooring!


Chris said...

wonder what that David Gilmour impersonation looks like... :D

stytzer said...

You just don't want to know :=)

Peter said...

I think, Suddyns "Drowning Souls" is the better Song. It`s a smash hit in my ears.

stytzer said...

You're right Peter. Drowning Souls is better and very good indeed!

Anonymous said...

Francis 7 is a big band!!!
very good songs.
His friend NIGHTMARE OF YOU are a good band too!!

tWAMi said...

Exactly my good friend stytzer... My Spanish Romance was on heavy rotation while Muse recorded City of Delusion I’m sure ;-)

Anonymous said...

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