July 26, 2006

Go Go

Upcoming and much hyped Danish band Dúné are in the studio recording their debut album (no title yet and the expected date of release is March next year!), which will be produced by Troels Abrahamsen of Veto. It's not all that difficult to hear that the two bands are musically related, thus making this a very obvious collaboration. The band has 7 members and (if the info is correct) all of them are still teenagers. According to the band itself they are "inspired from the sixties rock n roll, the seventies punk, the eighties pop and the nineties indierock and have created their own unique blend: indielectrock!" It will be very interesting to see if the band can match the hype, but the potential is definitely present!
+ Go Go Valentina
+ Robot Beat

Track of the week at Terry Hall's Myspace profile is this classic.......
+ Our Lips Are Sealed

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