July 25, 2006


Two songs from the Puzzles Like You album by Mojave 3 are available as free downloads from the band's Myspace profile. I'm not all that high on the first single of the album, Breaking The Ice, but the title track is short, sweet and very catchy, so the album will definitely be added to my shopping bag the next time I order a few CD's. When will (other) bands learn that making a few songs available for free is the best way to promote their music?
+ Puzzles Like You
+ Breaking The Ice

Californian singer Todd Stadtman sent me a mail the other day asking me to listen to a track from his 2005 album Only I Can Save You, called I'm Good. In various reviews the track has been singled out as the best or worst of the album, so he thought it would interesting to make it available for a wider audience to judge.
I've listened to the song a few times now, and to be quite frank I really don't know what to think of it. The melody is pretty catchy, but the vocals are really annoying and reminds me (and this is in no way meant to be positive) too much of The Smurfs.
Instead I recommend that you listen to another track from the album, called I Don't Know Why She's Here. It's a very nice appealing pop song, which more than once makes me think of Erasure.
+ I'm Good
+ I Don't Know Why She's Here

Thanks to "anonymous" (I think I know who you are!) for informing me that another damn fine song by Swedes Du Pacque has been uploaded to the band's Myspace profile. Always fun listening to this band and trying to spot their influences!
+ Love In Every Bar


Anonymous said...

New song of DU PACQUE is free download in my space: "Love in every bar"!! :)

Chris said...

Puzzles Like You should be in my mailbox today... ;)