July 8, 2006

Rodolfo recommends

First post after the holiday is not by me, but instead it's a "guest appearance" by Rodolfo (thanks a lot :-))

This is my first post in a blog, thanks to Stytzer that gave me the chance of doing it in his great one.
I want to start with sharing a great Irish band called Hybrasil, they are going to release a new single When I am yawning on July 27th. I didn't hear it yet, but all songs they have are pretty cool therefore this one should be great. Check their new stuff My Gallina and San Francisco at their Myspace. Those should be included on their new album coming out soon.

A great new finding comes from Scotland. They are called The View. Their first release should be with producer Owen Morris (Oasis, Ash, etc). Check them out at Myspace.

The new song by Motion Pictures called Downtown is very good. Listen to it at the band's Myspace profile. This song could easily be made by Larrikin Love :-)

For those who are into post-punk check some great new bands like Modernage, Blacklist, World Wide Spies, Sound Movement, Our Fading Smiles. There are some compilations to download for free here.

Any comments to Rodolfo_atlanta_30@hotmail.com I am located in Peru (South America)

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