July 10, 2006

Back at work!

Here I am; back at work. Cannot say that I missed it much and even though my desk is pretty empty right now, I know it will change soon enough. It's time to make the half year reports which certainly will keep me busy for the next few weeks. Dammit.......should have taken those piano lessons as a kid, because then I'm certain that I would have been a rock star now!
Oh well - at least the weather isn't all that great anymore.......

I've slowly started to work my way through some of the new music coming my way. With the release of the iLiKETRAiNS debut album Progress Reform, one of my Christmas wishes from last year has finally come true. I listened to it twice yesterday (and once today) and it's exactly as dark and depressive as you would expect it to be...........it's simply wonderful, although I wish it contained more than just 7 songs!

Another CD I found in my mailbox when returning was Winter by Cord. It's definitely among the best songs of the year. Stream it here.

Among the many, many friend requests and messages I've received at Myspace the past two weeks, one in particular has caught my attention. It's from Florida based band Purplespace, which is a side project by the members of Starring Me. The shoegaze/dream-pop inspiration is still present, but the sound is a bit more electronic compared to Starring Me. As I hope (or rather expected) this is great stuff and hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on the self-released album (to be released on July 17).
+ Rosemary Gold
+ Brokenhearted And Free (not sure if this is the correct title)
+ Losing My Balance (by Starring Me)

The one-man project we used to know as The Knight In Plaster is now a band called The Felt Tips. No new songs are available, but the band is busy recording and rehearsing, so hopefully new material will be available soon!
+ Treat Me Gently (An old favorite by "The Plaster")

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It`s good to read again from you :-)