August 31, 2006


The new single from Swedish band Irene called Little Things (That Tear Us Apart) is available from the Labrador webpage. Described as "Bob Dylan on a Surpremes diet"! 2 minutes long (or short) and very catchy!!
+ Little Things (That Tear Us Apart)

Last weekend Danish band The New Brand finished second in the Emergenza Music Festival (ending a measly 2 points behind the winner), but their song Highly Addictive was voted best original song.
+ Highly Addictive

Peter over at Schallgrenzen is pretty high on Irish band alternative rock band Suddyn. If you listen to Drowning Souls by the band, who in their own words sound like a blend of Muse, Radiohead and Foo Fighters, it's not that difficult to understand why!
+ Drowning Souls

Said the Gramophone has a fantastic post on Temptation by New Order. That song is at least a thousand years old, but still one of the very best!

I've just added a link in the right column to Hello! Surprise! a guide to Swedish pop music.

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