August 30, 2006


Is MonoTaxi French or British? I'm not really sure, because the info available on the band is quite limited, but I think the quartet is from France. That's just my conclusion; but does it really matter and isn't the language of great music universal? Anyway - the band has labeled itself as indie pop, and on the fast paced I Really Want To and the catchy Kind Of Better this description probably couldn't be more accurate. But on the more nosier Nothing Wrong With Us the band sounds like Velvet Underground flirting heavily with the shoegaze genre, thus musically heading in a completely different direction. Perhaps the lack of info isn't crucial, but it would be very nice to know if other songs by this very good band are available (cannot find info on any releases) or if it has been signed by a record label.
+ Nothing Wrong With Us
+ I Really Want To
+ Kind Of Better

Finally - once again a big thank you to Rodolfo for another brilliant recommendation! And there are still several other interesting bands for me to check out in his recent mail......

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Polux74 said...

Mono Taxi released a seven inch single on play it again seven in the uk. Kind of better + hardy smile. you may find the record on ebay.. indeed very good band. Not sure if the band is signed to a label. Polux74x